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 Miss Abeni Nazeer

When and where did Abeni's love for art develop?

Abeni Nazeer was born in Lansing, MI in 1991. Her family relocated to the east coast area.  Her parents encouraged her to be open minded and artsy.  When she was younger her interest was drawing and painting. She enjoyed creating simple art with deep bright colors.  On her seventh birthday she had a successful art exhibition.  At that time she knew creating art is where she wanted to focus her time.  Nazeer continued to draw/paint and she still does until this day. 

What are some skills that Abeni promote and offer through                                                her brand?

Abeni Nazeer, Also known as the Baltimore's Princess, is a Content Producer, Film Director, Editor and Entrepreneur.   Her experience includes: documentaries, commercials, music videos, EFP/ENG productions, network and corporate broadcasts, product launches, conventions, filming, engineering,  and concerts. 

What Inspired Abeni to get into the entertainment industry?


ANI have always been a visionary. My parents really motivated me to do more extra curricular activities after school. One of the after school programs was called Kids on The Hill. Me and my homegirl, Megan we went together. Kids on the Hill was a non profit organization that created social change through media. When we had a problem we used media to express ourselves as children. We had TV Dinners where we show cased our concerns and discussed them as a community. So being so conscious of injustice at such a young age, I had no choice but to use my talent and create a movement of some sort that will benefit my minority group.. and others.

What is the difference between a director & a videographer? 


AN: A director gives direction. A director sees the larger vision, the larger goal, and theme on a grand scale. A videographer should be led by a good Director. Ive been blessed to work with amazing Directors and Videographers. Some people are both, like myself. I direct, produce, shoot, edit and market all of my media. My hustle is insane. I don't know how I am able to wear so many hats (As she laughs and knods her head) but I definitely don't try too hard, it comes natural for me. If i wasn't for working and being paid, my life pattern and daily schedule would still be similar.


Which part of the video process do you enjoy the most?


AN: I love seeing people happy. The end results of the video is what we put our time into creating so seeing the smiles on everyone faces once they receive their product is priceless. Working with me it's not just the product that you love, it's really the experience. The most important part is identifying the black community and showcasing it. One of my favorite things to say is " I want to make us look good". I say this because a lot of major companies lack the representation of Blacks opinions. I use to try to work for companies to enhance their mission statement and make them look good, then I finally decided to start my own company and create my own movement.

What is the most important message that you want to send to young females across the world?


AN: "Im not a film producer or Director, I'm a Boss". My work has allowed me to travel throughout the United States and United Kingdom.  However, I have built most of my fan base in Baltimore, MD.  I also have a content producer, so we enjoy working closely with the urban minority communities to creatively express our client’s message. I am so committed to making every project my BEST project.  Because i put so much time into my clients are the same reasons why my clientele has grew and continues to grow so dramatically. So to answer the original question, my message to the young females, is to BE A BOSS and as you water your seed your plant will grow. 

Today, Nazeer leads a powerful movement. After working with numerous celebrities and "known names" she learned how to build a platform and use her platform to encourage other young females to find their inner skills and pursue them. She is the CEO of Comret Rebela which stands for Smart Sexy Radical Women. Comret Rebela is the girl that every girl can identify with and become. This project offers Rebela Hair and Cosmetics, Cadre Classes that teaches young women elicate skills and women history, Big sister programs, and Rebela Films, where she organized an all female production team. 


Nazeer dropped out of college at University of Baltimore her freshman year to follow her dreams, and now generates an income larger than all her peers who graduated with a degree. 



                                  "You're never the best you can be, because you can always be better" -Abeni Nazeer

                                                                                          (IG: @AbeniNazeer)