Who is Raven Paris?

Raven Paris is a 28-year old woman of color who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As a teenager, she began pursuing her careers in modeling and acting at John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center in Timonium, Maryland. There she developed interviewing techniques, make-up and hair skills, runway techniques, and many more acting and image-development skills that prepared her for the industry. LaLa Anthony inspired her love for the entertainment industry. She used to rush home from school every day to watch, TRL. 


With aspirations of one day becoming a radio or television personality she wanted to go to college as a Communications major but her mother had other plans for her. In 2015 She graduated from Morgan State University as a Social Work major. Dreams of still being in the entertainment industry she created an internet show, Love the Culture Radio. Love the Culture Radio was the 1st internet show in her hometown, Baltimore which bridged the gaps between local artists and the people in the industry. By her creating this platform she was able to bring exposure to her brand and also to the talent in her city. In 2015, she curated her first major event, The DMV Media Alliance Seminar. The DMA brought over 100 industry executives and tastemakers together which helped form an industry in her hometown. 


From her hard work and dedication working radio, in 2016 she got offered the opportunity to work for DTLR radio. Her radio show airs every Saturday 5pm-9pm in over 200 stores on the East and West coast. Professionally working in the entertainment industry for 3 years now, she has gained extensive skills on set and in the office. In 2017, she got offered to be the spokesperson for her first television commercial, "Patriot Auto Car Lot" which broadcasted on all major cable networks. Then next she was offered the chance to do TMZ Live; they enjoyed her so much she became a monthly correspondent! 


She has done freelance work with DEF JAM, DELEON TEQUILA, AFRAM Festival, BET, A3C, and a host of other amazing companies. She has also made appearances on local billboards in her hometown, on ABC2 TV, and the latest was in Oprah's February 2018 Magazine Edition to represent her HBCU. Nothing makes her happier than being a light for others to help push the culture forward. She makes it a priority to give back to her community. The population specifically that she enjoys giving back to and coordinate events for is the Homeless. Raven Paris is an entrepreneur, brand developer, philanthropist, event planner, hostess and promotional model. In 2018 she became the newest and youngest radio jock for Radio One station, 92Q Jams and later became the 1st Female Field Producer for TMZ In New York City.


"My aspiration is to motivate and empower young women to be independent, be built on their own success,  carry themselves with dignity and respect while being about their business. I want to be that example of resilience."  

                 - Raven Paris 

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