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Raven Paris is a 30-year old woman of
color who was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. As a teenager, She started pursuing a
career in modeling and acting where she developed interviewing skills, learned how to do make-up and hair, acquired runway techniques, and learned a lot of acting and image development skills that prepared her for the industry she is in today. TV personality, La La Anthony, was also a huge inspiration in her love for the entertainment industry. "I remember I used to rush home
from school every day to watch her on TRL with aspirations of one day becoming a radio or television personality myself"
.  2015, Raven created an internet radio show called Love the Culture Radio" and the rest was history. 



A professional in the entertainment industry for 5 years now, she has gained extensive skills on set and in the office. 2016 led her to a position at DTLR Radio station, which broadcasts in over 300 DTLR & VILLA stores. In 2017 Raven became the spokesperson for her first television commercial, "Patriot Auto Car Lot", which broadcasted on all major cable networks. Next was a chance on TMZ Live; impressing them so much she became a monthly correspondent. In 2018, Raven became the 1st African American Woman Field producer in New York! In her journey as a Freelancer she has partnered  with DEF JAM, REVOLT, DELEON, BET, A3C, and a host of major companies. She has also made appearances on her hometown city's billboards, on ABC2 TV, and in Oprah's February 2018 Magazine Editionto represent her HBCU.  



Nothing makes her happier than being a light for others to help push the culture forward. She makes it a priority to give back to her community. Raven has always been passionate about using her voice to empower and motivate creatives and entrepreneurs that reminded her of herself. No one taught her  how to break into the industry nor how to start and sustain entrepreneurship. She wanted to become an example for others by giving back and supplying them with resources to help grow and perfect their businesses. Finally there is a "HOW TO" Guide, titled The Game Changer: Start Up Kit to Become
or Sustain Entrepreneurship.

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